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Dr McClendon, M.D.
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On Your Health
DrPatricia Dr McClendon M.D.

Weight Management by a Medical Expert on Weight Loss

Dr McClendon M.D., Bari-Med M.D. Board -Certified Bariatric Medicine Physician

It doesn’t matter if you’re “Overweight” with a BMI of 25+ to “Morbidly Obese” with a BMI of 70+ , Dr McClendon, M.D.  has literally managed ALL shapes and sizes as a Board-Certified Bariatric Medicine Physician to improve the overall health of her patients.

Customized Approach

Treatment of Not Just Excess Weight, But Also Weight Related Conditions

Dr. McClendon M.D. became interested in Obesity Medicine because she finds it extremely rewarding to be able to help her patients to lose weight medically which greatly impacts their weight related medical illnesses – such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Prediabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Metabolic Syndrome, Depression/Anxiety, Osteoarthritis, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, Venous Stasis, Fatty Liver Disease, Migraines, Gout, and Polycystic Ovarian Disease to name a few.

Specializing in Weight loss

Weight Loss & Obesity Medicine Specialist/Bariatrician

Dr McClendon M.D. has gained experience as a Bariatric Medicine Physician by practicing in busy bariatric clinics along with board certified bariatric surgeons, working as an adjunct faculty member of a bariatric surgery fellowship program and medical director of the Inova Medical Weight Loss Program.



Medical Weight Loss Program

For an overview of the Medical Weight Loss Program, please click here:

Bari-Med M.D.  offers the New Direction® meal replacements for sustainable weight loss. Backed by 30 years of research, these delicious, nutritionally complete meal replacements are formulated to help you manage your hunger. These products are exclusively available to Medical Practices & medical programs, you cannot obtain them in stores.

New Direction Advanced Meal Replacement Products are medical quality protein meal replacements that provide optimal levels of electrolytes and vitamins to help you lose weight and remain healthy.

  • Patients on our LCD (Low Calorie Diet) plan consume at least one meal replacement and a protein bar, along with a reduced calorie meal during the initial phase of their diet. Supplements are used as needed during the maintenance phase.
  • Patients on our VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) plan consume only meal replacements during the initial phase of their diet to accelerate weight loss.

A variety of great tasting and convenient meal replacement beverages and bars provide:

  • 100% of the minimum daily requirement for protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • High quality protein for positive nitrogen balance.
  • Essential fatty acids and minimal fat levels to stimulate the gallbladder.
  • A high protein (27 grams per serving), low carbohydrate formula that helps satisfy nutritional needs, reduce hunger, and maximize weekly weight loss.

New Direction® meal replacement beverages are packaged as single-serving packets, to be reconstituted with water.

Please see our Shop page to see our selection of Meal Replacement products!

Expected Average Weight Loss: 36lbs in 12 weeks

For more information, please see our Bari-Med M.D. Weight Loss Program Page!

Physician Supervised Weight Loss By An Experienced, Board- Certified Bariatric Medicine Physician

Dr McClendon M.D. - Putting the Needs of Patients First

Bari-Med M.D. is a telemedicine medical practice that serves the Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland area and puts patients’ needs first. We have taken a Concierge Medicine approach to weight loss. Dr McClendon personalizes a medical weight loss regimen for each patient to include safe weight loss medications such as  Mounjaro, Phentermine,  Ozempic/Wegovy, and Qsymia, in addition to motivational interviewing and a discussion of the importance of diet & exercise.  Since your visits are with Dr. McClendon, we accept insurance.

Visits are billed to insurance just as they would when you see a Specialist Physician for a medical condition. You would be responsible for any copays if applicable.

We accept:

  • Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS, including FEP)
  • Aetna
  • Multiplan (PHCS)
  • Certain Tricare Prime Plans
  • No Insurance/Self- Pay


It is the responsibility of the patient to contact your insurance company to determine if Dr. Patricia McClendon M.D. is a participating provider with your specific insurance plan.

If you don’t have one of these insurances, then you would be considered “Self Pay” and would pay out of pocket for the visits. At this time, we are not a participating provider/ do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Prior to your appointment, please send a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, front of driver’s license, and any recent labs, ekg or other pertinent documents to [email protected] or secured fax:  641-450-1315.

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Bari-Med M.D. PLLC
Average rating:  
 29 reviews
 by Heidi
Wonderful doctor who really listens!

If you have been feeling ignored by other doctors about your weight concerns/struggles, please, please, please go see Dr. McClendon as soon as possible. I was struggling with skyrocketing blood pressure, difficulty losing weight, increasing insulin resistance, and increasing cholesterol all after experiencing some more serious postpartum complications. For years, other doctors intervened in ways that would help incrementally, but not with anything that was really working. Dr. McClendon has been able to support my weight loss in ways that are medically safe for me and effective! She is caring, listens, and truly individualizes supports and approaches. In 8 months of working with her, I have gone completely off of all my blood pressure medications, have lost 75 pounds, and my cardiologist is now taking my other issues more seriously because he is seeing they are not connected to my weight. More importantly, Dr. McClendon has supported me to meet all of these goals in ways that make me comfortable. For example, focusing on non-scale victories and milestones. Please see her! As icing on the cake Ms. Marigold, her administrator, is lovely and communicative and will be able to effectively support you will all things scheduling and billing.

 by Elise C

Im so happy! I was 50 lbs overweight and with the help of Dr McClendon, I'm now in the best shape in my adult life at 144 lbs! Before, I was so ashamed of my body, often would hide, not wanting to take pictures. Now, I feel so great, I wanna show it off and Dr McClendon is so encouraging!!!!  I've worked hard and I'm so glad she's helped me not only become healthier but I now have such a better outlook on my life and body!!!

 by A.D

Lowest weight in 8 years! Like most people I gained weight over time and gained even more when the pandemic hit. Before I knew it I was up 35 lbs. i saw Dr McClendons reviews and decided to see if she could help . Now 4 1/2 months later I’m down 45 lbs . My high blood pressure is gone too!!

 by T.Carter

Saw Dr McClendon since I was referred to her by my endocrinologist and PCP. I now see why they highly recommended her . I’m off 3 of my blood pressure pills and diabetic med and down 37 lbs now.

 by Jen
Improved Diabetes

Dr McClendon helped me not only lose the weight but also helped my diabetes. I was on insulin , my blood sugar numbers were 200+ and my hgba1c 13.8. She got me started on a plan that included a low carb diet with the meal replacements, and meds and I cant believe 3 months later - I just saw my PCP and my hgba1c is now at 6.9! My sugars are now in the 90-130s.

I cant thank her enough!

 by Jennifer
Great results!

I’ve been seeing Dr. McClendon for a little over a year and I’m down 80 pounds which is the goal weight she set for me. She has helped keep me motivated which has been incredible important on my weight loss journey. She is also patient and easy to talk to which is hard to find in a doctor. I could not be more thrilled with my results and I have recommended Dr. McClendon to my family and friends.

 by PE
Great experience

I had a great experience with this Dr. I like the fact that I will be having one on one visits with her -- an actual MD and not a dietician or a Nurse Practitioner, Physician's Assistant or "Coach".

 by C.R.
Easy to talk to

Love Dr McClendon. She takes time to craft out a weight loss plan that you can actually follow and stick with. She is also great at listening to what your problems are and working toward solving them rather than shaming you. Super easy to talk to! I also love the online visits since they are super convenient for my busy schedule which had prevented me from sticking to going into weight loss clinics in the past.

 by Alex
goal weight

I've been seeing Dr McClendon for 1 1/2 years now and have been able to reach my goal weight of 189 (was 256) and still keeping it off with her help. We achieved it by using a combo of meds, and she gave me the parameters to follow (which I did) . I now just check in with her to make sure that I don't regain after all of that hard work. I must say- the meal replacement products that she recommended has helped me to keep it off and I like the fact that its convenient to reorder them here on the Bari-Med M.D. website.

 by Annie C
The Truth

Ok finally taking the time out to write a review on Dr McClendon. Before I had a consultation with her , I took the time to do some research and read the reviews and bio about her. When I met her I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge and how clear and concise the plan was for weight loss. Her bedside manner made me feel at ease and that she truly cared about me as a patient. She took time to answer all of my questions and concerns and I felt as though I had a great part in the decision making for what was right for ME. Since starting with her, I've lost 49 lbs in the past 4.5 months so its obvious that she's good at what she does. I agree with the others, that I enjoy the fact that our visits are telemedicine which also helps to increase my adherence to the plan which leads to more success as she had stated. This is definitely the new way (and apparently most efficient) for weight loss. (Im one of those who have tried and failed many other weight loss clinics and plans in the past) . I just wish I had found her sooner!

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